Stand-Up MRI of Carnarsie, NY Stand-Up MRI of Carnarsie, NY Stand-Up MRI of Carnarsie, NY

The QUAD™ 12000, a product of FONAR Corporation, is the most open of all the so-called "Open MRIs." Open on all four sides and with an unusually large space in which patients can rest comfortably, the QUAD™ 12000 is considered a godsend for claustrophobic and very large patients.

The magnetic field strength of the QUAD™ 12000 is 0.6 Tesla, which is twice that of most Open MRIs. That extra strength, coupled with its full array of solenoidal surface coils, enables the QUAD™ 12000 to produce diagnostic pictures of exceptional quality.

For Patients

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For Patients

  • No “Tube”, No “Tunnel”
  • Open on All Four Sides
  • Accommodates Claustrophobic and Very Large Patients


For Physicians

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Benefits of Stand-Up® / UPRIGHT® MRI

  • Not Just for Claustrophobic Patients
  • Bed Rotates from Recumbent to Upright
  • Weight-Bearing, Flexion & Extension Spine Studies


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